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About Us

JACS Institue was found in 2002 by Mr. Kamei and Ms. Kanno, in the hopes of spreading the wonderful Japanese language. Ever since then we have taught 300 corporate and individual students, at both our school and on location.

Mr. Kamei has 24 years of teaching experience and before that he ran an insurance company. He received his teaching credential in 1999 by Sendagaya Japanese Institute, and passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test authorized by the Japanese minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture and administered by the Association of International Education, Japan. He has a degree in law but found teaching to be his calling.

Ms. Kanno has 23 years of teaching experience. She received her teaching credential in 1999 by Sendagaya Japanese Institute. She studied classical Japanese literature.


JACS Teaching Tools and Methods

You’ll become actively involved in fun and interesting conversations, articles and more – rich in native dialog, sound, animation and video – while building your proficiency in Japanese.

Some teachers give you long explanations with no practice examples; you just read the textbook and try to write answers. Instead of giving you results, this kind of lesson just wastes your time. We have made the main focus of our study system to be as effective as possible in a short period of time.

Our original materials and impressive teaching system promises to improve your Japanese ability quickly and effectively.

Our Japanese lessons are based on various scenes that you’ll encounter in daily life – giving you real communication skills that will never disappoint you.

The Japanese As Communication Service Institute gives you many real – world examples in every class to help you speak naturally, and supports you until you have a good command of Japanese.

Multimedia Materials

JACS classes are controlled by the latest computer technology. Teachers use computers to show presentations, movies computer-generated animations and MD recordings in the classrooms.This cutting-edge multimedia will improve your Japanese learning dramatically.

Individual Review System

At most language schools, you are taught a lot of vocabulary and phrases in the lesson and expected to memorize them all by yourself before the next lesson. Realistically, can anyone do this regularly on their own with a full-time job? We came to the conclusion that students need more practical review time.

At JACS, all students take the Individual Review System as well as their normal lesson. IRS involves oral training with experienced instructors, enabling you to reproduce all the words and phrases introduced in lesson at the same speed as a native Japanese speakers, in order to get you using them reflexively in relevant situations.

Your Own Curriculum

For sports athletes, the best way to train effectively is to tailor their own training schedule to fit their physical characteristics, strengths and so on. It's exactly the same for language study. What's the purpose of your study? What kind of Japanese do you want? What pace do you want to go at? We conduct a student interview with you to determine this information, then devise a curriculum to fit your needs.That's why you can expect effective lessons and a noticeable improvement in your Japanese ability.

Professional Teachers

At JACS, our staff are professional teachers rich in experience and well- versed in Japanese society, culture and customs. We support all levels, from children to business people.


JACS Courses, Schedules and Fees

In addition to your unique teaching materials and teaching methods, we offer flexible class scheduling.

Lessons can be taken in our classroom in Hiroo (Central Tokyo) or at your home or office within one hour travel time, door-to-door, from JACS. Sorry we have found cafes are not suitable with our teaching methods.

Very Busy: 1 one-hour lesson per week
Busy: 1 ninety minute lesson per week
Standard: 2 ninety minute lessons per week
Customized or Accelerated: As long and often as needed.

Lesson Structure
50% of your lessons will be new, customized material. The other 50% will be our unique Individual Review System (IRS).

1) Consumption tax (5%) is not included.
2) Lesson(s) can only be canceled with one day notice in advance.
3) Off-site lessons require a 50% additional charge, but do not need to pay the facilities rental fee.
4) Off-site lessons require a transportation fee which varies depending on your location.
5) Pre-paid lessons must be taken within four months after the first lesson is taken.
6) Super Early Morning lessons (Monday to Friday before 9am and Saturdays 9am – 2pm) have a 20% additional charge.
7) Larger block (40-60) of lessons are available, please ask your instructor.
8) One time fees…
Registration fee: ¥20,000 (depending on course)
Teaching materials: ¥3,000 (depending on course)
Facilities rental fee: ¥1,500 (on-site students only)


¥ 72,000 (¥4,800 per hour) for 10 ninety minute lessons*
¥120,000 (¥4,000 per hour) for 20 ninety minute lessons*

¥ 108,000 (¥7,200 per hour) for 10 ninety minute lessons*
¥180,000 (¥6,000 per hour) for 20 ninety minute lessons*


With a screen-share system, chat software and a web camera,
you can experience top-quality lessons no matter where you are in
Japan or other countries.

30min/lesson, 10 sessions, 28,000yen
40min/lesson, 10 sessions, 35,000yen
50min/lesson, 10 sessions, 40,000yen
Contact Us to get further information

Regardless of what type of lessons you want to take, we encourage you to take the Free Trial Lesson.

Your Own Curriculum

With people you know
2 persons ¥90,000 (¥3,000 per hour) each for 20 ninety minute lessons*
3 persons ¥60,000 (¥2,000 per hour) each for 20 ninety minute lessons*
(3 person maximum)

With new people

Contact Us to get on the waiting list and discuss this group's special rules.


“I have always been impressed by the professionalism of both instructors I have and of their ability to make every lesson useful and part of a regular progression into more complex grammatical structures.”
Louis Gaetan, Canada Diplomat
“There is probably no effortless way to learn Japanese, but with JACS it is certainly a lot more fun and I know that I'm constantly improving.”
Jens Johansson, Sweden OEM Manager Japan, AXIS Communications

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